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Deaf    Volleyball    Australia

The Mission of the Deaf Volleyball Australia is to manage, serve, and promote volleyball at all levels of play; to assist deaf teams and participants in their various forms of involvement with Volleyball; and to encourage and facilitate the involvement of many deaf people as possible in Volleyball activities.


Deaf Volleyball Australia is an Incorporated Association, and is a Full Member of Deaf Sports Australia.


President: Greg Ophel (ACT)

Secretary: John Eagle (VIC)

Treasurer: Tony Raynor (VIC)


General Committee: Jarett Lee (VIC), David Larkin (NSW), Dean McKenna (VIC), Krista Norsworthy (VIC), Trent Hansen (QLD) and Debbie Larkin (NSW).

Volleyball    for    the    Deaf    Community

Deaf Volleyball Australia has the responsibility in providing individuals with the opportunity to play Beach and Indoor Volleyball.


How does it differ from the generic game? The most predominant difference from the generic form of volleyball is that a red flag is used for signaling in place of the commonly used whistle.


Who can play? In formal competitions, individuals must be affliated with a national association and be recognised as having a minimum hearing loss of 55 dB in the better ear. Classification procedures apply and can be viewed on the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (CISS). However, in social competitions any individual can participate if they suffer from hearing impairment and classification will vary between social competitions.


 Calendar of Volleyball Events


26 Jul - 4 Aug 2013 22nd Summer Deafympics. Sofia, Bulgaria
5 Oct - 6 Oct 2013 National Deaf Beach Volleyball Championships, Brisbane (Sandstorm 13)
2016: Australian Deaf Games. Adelaide, South Australia
2016: World Deaf Indoor Volleyball Championships, TBA
2016: World Deaf Beach Volleyball Championships, TBA
5-21 Aug 2016: XXXI Olympic Summer Games. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

23rd Summer Deaflympics, TBA


Please direct all beach enquiries to John Eagle,



For indoor volleyball queries, contact Tony Raynor,





Sandstorm 13
National Deaf Beach Volleyball Championships

DVA Memberships

Participation in the majority of DVA programs will require you to be registered as a current DVA Member. Such programs include but are not limited to:



By becoming a member, you not only become eligible to play either socially or competitively, but you are also contributing positively to the Deaf volleyball community within Australia as DVA is a non-profit organisation existed to assist its member to embrace the sport of Volleyball.


Download DVA Annual Membership Form


Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or feedback.


Email Address: info@deafvolleyballaustralia.org.au


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DeafVolleyballAustralia


Twitter: https://twitter.com/deafvolleyaus